William van der Moolen

Professional in content

Information Architect and content strategist with a special interest in the Internet of Things, e-health and care.
I work as a consultant for enterprise-scale organisations that struggle with vast content collections. I redesign the navigation patterns of their corporate intranet and internetsites, optimise results of search engines and manage their content migration projects. I'm at my best at the intersections where users meet technology and content chaos needs better content creation and maintenance workflows.
As a designer by profession and care-giver in private life, I try to understand, ideate and prototype to get to a solution. My approach is hands-on and result-driven, as solutions that might become available tomorrow, won't help users that seek an answer today.
I graduated in Arabic languages and as a technical writer I worked closely with the inventors of Wifi technology at AT&T/Lucent Technologies in Nieuwegein. 2017 will mark my 20th anniversary as a web professional and 10th year as employee at Informaat BV.